Functional Executive Coaching™ (FEC)


How functional executive coaching can help your business.

Do you have executives and managers who are not performing at their best or below their potential?

Do you have executives and managers who are displaying dysfunctional behaviour?

Have you tried leadership and managerial training with little or no results?

Did you know that a recent Gallup poll found that only 18% of managers demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others – meaning a shocking 82% of managers aren’t very good at leading people.

Gallup estimated that this lack of leadership capability costs U.S. corporations up to $550 billion annually. 

Considering how much time and effort is put into creating good leaders, how could this be?

My opinion is that Leadership Development programs have focused on treating the symptoms and NOT the root.

Leader cannot listen well, we send them to an Active Listening Program. Leader does not show empathy, we send them on an Emotional Intelligence program.

We have not gotten to understand WHY they don't show empathy, even after attending the emotional intelligence.

Functional Leadership Training and Functional Executive Coaching use a Proven 5-Step Process to get to the Root Cause of all Leadership challenges to increase organisational performance.

We understand your challenge and have been helping executives to take their performance to the next level by identifying the root cause of the behaviour or performance issue.

Be it thinking strategically, improving dysfunctional leadership behaviour, increasing productivity, increasing emotional intelligence, better conflict management, increasing interpersonal skills, better time management, managing poor performing employees properly, executive coaching can dramatically improve executive and managerial performance.

Our approach to Executive Coaching is different to other Executive Coaching programs because we get to the root of what is causing the below par performance or dysfunctional behavior. We discuss in confidentiality the corporate taboo topics that really impact human behavior and most importantly we get results.

Did you know that Executive Coaching is the secret weapon for Fortune 500 companies?

How about giving your company and executives this secret weapon?

Executive Coaching FAQs

Q: What exactly do executive coaches do?

A: Executive coaches provide a confidential and supportive sounding board to their clients. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, help provide clarity, provide resources, and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice. They often administer and help interpret 360 degree and behavioral assessments, conduct confidential interviews to help a client gain self-awareness, and establish development goals. 

Q: How long does the Executive Coaching process take?

A: The minimum is three months as for any meaningful change to happen you required 60 to 90 days. Depending on the need of the client it can go up to one year.

Q: Who is executive coaching best suited for?

A: Years ago, companies hired executive coaches to come in and fix broken executives. Nowadays, most companies hire executive coaches as a way to invest in their top executives and high potentials. 

It is no longer a stigma to have a coach; it's a status symbol. While executives can hire their own coaches (usually CEOs or business owners), it's more common for companies (often HR) to recommend a coach to an executive as a part of an executive development program. The coachee could be newly promoted (transition coaching), be facing a number of challenges (usually involving people relationships), or is being groomed for larger roles. And yes, coaches are still hired to correct behavioral problems and help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts. 

Q: When Should a Manager (Or Company) Not Hire an Executive Coach?

A: An executive should not hire an executive coach if:

  • They don't believe they need coaching, are not interested in feedback, and don't believe they need to change (or don't want to).
  • They are looking for business advice or consulting, i.e., someone to solve their problem for them
  • Executive coaching is only a last-ditch, 'Hail Mary' token attempt to fix a failing executive who is already on their way out the door
  • The executive is not at the appropriate level in the organization to justify the expense of coaching
  • The executive's manager should be working with the executive (coaching should not be simply a way to outsource messy people issues).

Q: How much does Executive Coaching Cost?

A: Executive Coaching fees vary depending on the needs but they are well below the cost to organisations of executives and managers performing below requirements.

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