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Functional Executive Coaching™


Executive Coaching is the Secret Weapon of Fortune 500 companies. We help executives with rapid behavioral change by using a holistic approach to identify and eliminate the root cause that is impeding optimal executive performance.

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Training & Development


Want a training program that actually creates lasting change in behavior of your employees? Our workshops are based on latest research and are fun, practical & full of tools to apply back at work. When coupled with coaching, results are staggering.

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Executive Retreats


Nothing changes unless you change the environment. Clients use our Executive Retreats for Building Authentic Leadership, Strategic Planning, Team Building and Developing Blue Ocean Strategies. Immersion in a completely different environment has proven to be ultra effective in creating new thinking.

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HR & Business Consulting


Bespoke consulting solutions in Strategic Planning, Human Resources Planning, Business Reorganisaton, Organisational Design,  Talent Management and Coaching Systems, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Human Resource Information Systems.

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About Us

Our Clients


Our clients tend to be at the top of their particular industry. We have worked in Technology, Services, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Utilities, Health and Telecommunications

Our History


STEP was started in 2010 out a need to have practical, workable and engaging solutions to people and organisational issues. We have recently relaunched our portfolio based on client experiences of what works and what does not.

Our Mission


To help people and organisations reach their maximum potential by delivering empowering solutions. Functional Coaching is one that truly empowers People.

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Businesses always have challenges and we are here to help you with the people side of things. Let us have a conversation and see if you like what we have to offer.

STEP HR Consulting and Coaching

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